Lutosa Takes Wraps Off ‘Potatoes to the World’ Rebranding Campaign

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Lutosa, which has been associated with value-added frozen potato products in Belgium and beyond since 1978, has unveiled a new brand identity that combines its rich history and familiar red color with a modern look and feel, as well as a new “Potatoes to the World” tagline that underlies the company’s global scope of sales and marketing.

The design stays true to a proud Belgian heritage by featuring an icon displaying national colors in the shape of a fries cone. The new visual identity and brand positioning reflect the company’s vision of the future and personalized customer approach, combined with a close collaboration with farmers and its significant expertise in potato agronomy artistically symbolized by the furrows of a plowed field.

Lutosa manufactures products at state-of-the-art plants in Leuze-en-Hainaut and Sint-Eloois-Vijve. Upwards of 94% of output is exported to 136 countries. Its global customers in the foodservice B2B sector, as well as in the retail trade outside of Europe, are buyers of a wide line of frozen fries and specialties including duchesses, noisettes, pom’pins, croquettes, spicy wedges, röstis, mashed potatoes, organic offerings and many more items. Additionally, Lutosa produces and sells chilled fries and potato flakes to the professional sector.

Belgium-centric brand positioning has traditionally consisted of the original Lutosa logo, french fry cones, the Belgian flag and the use of national scenery with the Atomium, cyclists, Belgian beer pictures, a Frit’Kot, etc. However, as years went by and Lutosa’s business evolved, the company, which became a member of the McCain Group in 2013, has now reached a point where the current brand identity no longer matches perfectly with its identity and ambitions.

In Belgium, the sale of the retail branch to Iglo/Findus in 2014 raised a lot of questions. Those units of Feltham, England-headquartered Nomad Foods are entitled to use the Lutosa logo in European retail channels until the end of February 2021, which means that two different companies exploit the same logo on a similar geographical territory. Since Iglo/Findus started rebranding towards Belviva in 2019, confusion in the marketplace has only increased. Hence, Lutosa announced on October 6: “The time has come for a new era, a new Lutosa… a new brand identity.”