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Mason Dixie Foods Brings Drive-Thru Breakfast Sandwiches to Frozen Aisle

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Mason Dixie Foods, a fast growing frozen comfort food brand in the United States best known for clean label biscuits, sandwiches and waffles, has introduced a new collection of restaurant-quality single-serve breakfast sandwiches inspired by drive-thru classics but made with simple ingredients and no preservatives.

“Our growth over the past year is a strong testament to consumer and retailer excitement around clean comfort food,” said Ayeshah Abuelhiga, founder and chief executive officer of the Baltimore, Maryland-headquartered company. “In home kitchens, waffles, croissants and biscuits are only made with a handful of ingredients, but look at the frozen food aisle and it’s a sea of long ingredient panels, artificial ingredients, unnecessary oils, and ultra-processed options like powdered eggs. Our new breakfast sandwiches pay homage to our restaurant roots where we handmade everything and only used fresh ingredients.”

As a first-generation American citizen, Abuelhiga watched her Asian and Middle Eastern immigrant parents serve quality comfort food at their small carry-out restaurant and convenience store. She started Mason Dixie Foods in 2014 with the vision to change comfort food for the better, replicating the clean ingredients used in her family’s kitchen while growing up. Mason Dixie Foods has since scaled from a small beloved pop-up restaurant to a multi-million dollar nationally distributed brand, with a 87% dollar growth since 2021, according to Nielsen.

The company’s product line includes:

• Croissant Sandwich: The all-butter croissant’s flaky layer is made by hand-laminated sheets of dough with creamy butter, melted cheese, cracked whole egg and 100% natural pork.

• Buttermilk Biscuit Sandwich: This upgraded classic breakfast sandwich is paired with gooey cheese, cracked whole egg and savory pork sausage.

• Pancake Sandwich: Fluffy, pillowy pancakes with a hint of sweet maple syrup paired with savory pork sausage and a fresh cracked egg.

• English Muffin Sandwich: Toasty English muffin paired with cherrywood-smoked Canadian bacon, melty cheddar cheese, and a whole egg.

Mason Dixie’s breakfast sandwiches are available now nationwide at Whole Foods Markets with a suggested MSRP of $4.49.