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Mazzetta Debuts Quick Frozen Oishii Shrimp in US Market

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Highland Park, Illinois-headquartered Mazzetta Company has introduced shell-on, easy-peel Oishii shrimp. Frozen no more than four hours after being harvested from lined ponds in Thailand and transported live in aerated tanks to processing plants, the product is said to “surpass the standards of the current shrimp industry.”

mazzetta graphic01Pronounced Oh-ee-shee, which translates to “delicious” in Japanese, the raw shrimp is chemical free with no added hormones, phosphates, antibiotics or artificial preservatives.

“Farming only minutes away from production facilities allows for the freshest shrimp possible,” according to a press release issued by Mazzetta on January 8. “Whereas typical shrimp farms may be hours away, Oishii shrimp go from swimming to frozen within four hours.”

The company points out that “hand-processing naturally preserves the color and taste profile of the shrimp,” and that “there is an immediate visual difference when comparing Oishii shrimp to traditional farming methods.”

mazzetta graphic02Distribution of the 3-star, Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified 16/20 count raw shrimp is in 907-gram bags packed in units of 10 per case.

Selling over a 100 million pounds of finished seafood products annually to retail and foodservice operators, Mazzetta ranks among the largest importers and producers of frozen shrimp, mussels, lobsters, crab and finfish in North America. The family-owned enterprise was established in 1987 by Tom Mazzetta, who remains at the helm as chief executive officer.