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Rich Products Introduces Heath Ice Cream Cake in USA

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The newly unveiled Heath Ice Cream Cake is being rolled out nationally in the United States to coincide with July’s National Ice Cream Month and just in time for Ice Cream Day on July 21. The premium product delivers the familiar flavor and signature toffee crunch of Heath candy bar pieces layered between smooth vanilla ice cream and finished with chocolate whipped icing and Hershey’s chocolate syrup drizzle.


Made by Buffalo, New York-headquartered Rich Products (Rich’s), the 1.36-liter Heath Ice Cream Cake is priced at around $15.99 and serves up nine slices. Shop Rite, Publix, Stop & Shop, Meijer, Tops, Market Basket, Acme and Hy-Vee retail stores have already listed it.

“Heath is one of the most sought after ingredient mix-ins at ice cream shops across the country, so creating this new ice cream cake, the only one of its kind, is a product we know consumers will crave,” said Kimberly O’Brien, shopper marketing manager at Rich Products’ In-Store Bakery & Deli Division.

Featuring toffee, almonds and milk chocolate, the classic Heath candy bar was created in 1928 by brothers Bayard and Everett Heath in Robinson, Illinois, and popularized during among Americans during World War II when included in rations issued to members of US armed forces. Today the bars are still manufactured in the same town where they got their start.

Ice cream and Heath have been a winning combination for more than 60 years. The company’s first frozen confectionery, the single-serve Heath Toffee Ice Cream Bar, was introduced in 1958.