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Take Pulse the Quick and Easy Greenyard Frozen Way

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Regularly checking the pulse of demand and trends in the value added vegetable sector, the Greenyard Frozen marketing team is monitoring a strong beat of demand for healthy pulses and beans. Regarded by many culinary aficionados as superfoods, they deliver solid nutritional support for vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian lifestyles.

Pulses, or legumes, are increasingly popular with consumers seeking meat alternatives. From lentils and chickpeas to red kidney beans, brown and white beans and more, all add extra bite and flavor to meals and provide vegetarians with an alternative, plant-based source of proteins and amino acids.

The Pinguin brand alternative to ready-to-eat pulses not only ideally preserves nutrients, but also ​​provides a beautiful color palette on the consumer’s plate in the bargain.

Pinguin beans and pulses do not need to be soaked, dried or cleaned, and are therefore extremely user-friendly. At the same time, the freezing process optimally preserves nutritional values. Suitable for many recipes, including stews, the pulses remain firm and distinguishable from other ingredients in stews or soups.

Because the products are frozen they are easy to portion and there is zero waste in the kitchen to contend with. In addition, Pinguin packaging is ideal for large kitchens since one bag fills a 1/6 of gastronorm.

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