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Tippmann Celebrates 50 Years in Cold Storage Business

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When John Tippmann Sr. founded Tippmann Construction in 1968 and kicked off his first project, he did not anticipate it was the start of building one of the largest family-owned cold storage and construction companies in the United States. Half a century later, the Fort Wayne, Indiana-headquartered Tippmann Group has grown and evolved into just that with Tippmann Construction, Interstate Warehousing and Tippmann Properties.

Tippmann 50 yearDuring the past 50 years, Tippmann has built more than 17 million square feet of temperature controlled warehousing and processing facilities, while owning and operating more than 100 million cubic feet of cold storage space at its Interstate Warehousing facilities throughout the United States.

“When my father started this business, he wanted to be sure that customers’ needs came first,” said John Tippmann, Jr., president of the Tippmann Group. “It’s no different in 2018. We continue to remain focused on customers because they are the reason we are still here today.”

Tippmann has long been in the forefront of bringing new technological improvements to the cold storage industry, such as the QFR Zone®, a more energy and labor efficient blast freezing solution. The company installed its 10,000th QFR Zone pallet position in early 2018.

Meanwhile the QTR Zone®, which uses the same technology to improve airflow, is a more recent development which improves the thawing process for users with tempering needs.