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TNA Helps Boost Value-Added Potato Product Supply for Egyptian Army

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TNA, an integrated food processing and packaging systems specialist, has played a key role in the opening of a potato production plant for the Egyptian Army. Engaged by the nation’s Cairo-based National Services Projects Organisation (NSPO) in 2020, the Sydney, Australia-headquartered company has delivered two cutting-edge production lines specifically designed for hash browns and rosti products. The first is capable of two metric tons of output per hour. The second line, dedicated to french fries, wedges and disks, can produce up to 10 metric ton an hour.

Efficiency is maximized as TNA has provided for every element of the production process – from potato washing and de-stoning to packing products in bags. In addition, it has integrated state-of-the-art distribution and arctic packaging systems tailored for frozen potato products.

In collaboration with Optima Solutions, formerly known as Getec Partners, TNA secured the contract to support the Egyptian Ministry of Defense in achieving self sufficiency in meeting the needs of the nation’s armed forces as well as local markets and the export sector.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi attended the factory’s inaugural ceremony, where he emphasized unwavering commitment to advancing the industrial landscape in Egypt while simultaneously advocating for the preservation and protection of the environment and the implementation of eco-friendly factory designs.

TNA Chief Operations Officer Thiago Roriz, in addressing the grand opening, expressed gratitude to President Sisi and reaffirmed the company’s dedication to supporting the venture, stated: “As leading provider of potato production lines, TNA has supplied more than 14,000 systems across 120 countries. We are proud to have an opportunity to support this project and to offer expertise in food processing and packaging to deliver the highest possible quality.”

The completion of both production lines marks the beginning of a transformative era. Discussions are already under way to expand operations to include new potato products, sweet potatoes and the processing of other agricultural products.