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Alaska Wild Wings and Wild Alaska Cod Fish & Chips Win in Seattle

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Frozen products were two of the four big winners in the 27th running of Alaska Symphony of Seafood competition held recently at the Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle, Washington. Taking first place in the Foodservice category was Alaska Wild Wings – Southern Style from High Liner Foods (seen in photo above), while Alaskan Leader Seafoods’ Wild Alaska Cod Fish & Chips Meal Kit was the Seattle People’s Choice winner.

Featuring cornmeal-crusted pollock, Alaska Wild Wings were launched in club stores during the summer by Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada-headquartered High Liner Foods. The product may be served as a snack, side dish or a main meal item.

Alaskan Seafoods’ Wild Alaska Cod Fish & Chips Meal Kit, which debuted in September, is distributed in supermarkets and club stores as well as served in restaurants. The cod is hook and line harvested by the Seattle-headquartered company’s fleet of commercial fishing vessels.

“It’s really a lot of fun. You’ve got the french fries, the batter, the panko and the fish, which of course is Alaska

cod,” said Keith Singleton, who runs the company’s value-added department.


The non-frozen food product winner in the competition, organized by the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation (AFDF), was Bullwhip Kelp Hot Sauce from Juneau, Alaska-based Barnacle Foods, which took topped all rivals in the Retail category. No. 1 in the Beyond the Plate category was Alaskan Fin Fish Earrings from Wild by Nature, also of Juneau.

This years’ panel of judges included: Ashley Heimbigner of the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute; Cynthia Nims of Monappetit LLC; Jess Hathaway of National Fishermen; Craig Fleener of Alaska Ocean Cluster; Tomi Marsh of Fishes and Dishes; B.T. Thompson of Rogge; Amanda Herrera of Herban Feast; Jeff Taton of Herban Feast; David Levy of Central Market; and Chef Zoi Antonitsas.