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Pack Expo Visitors Will See Latest Multi-Fill Equipment

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Multi-Fill will be showcasing its newly redesigned MPFSC-120 automatic volumetric filler at the upcoming Pack Expo International 2018, which is set for October 14-17 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. The improvements relate mostly to overall operation efficiency, sanitation and safety aspects of the machines.

Some of the new features to be seen at Booth E-7903 in the Lakeside Building will include separation of the electrical and pneumatic components into two cabinets for additional safety; an easier latch system; quick disassembly of the filling head; standardization of components; and improved sanitary design of the filling head.

Where labor costs are of concern, customers filling short goods can add a bulk feeder to the volumetric filler to reduce the amount of time operators spend feeding the machine. The bulk feeder utilizes a first in, first out product flow to maintain freshness, and it automatically slows down or speeds up with the rest of the line.

Food processors wanting to fill products such as fermented vegetables, fruit cocktail, and pico de gallo will benefit from adding a liquid pump option to the volumetric filler. While not a sauce filler, the pump collects liquid that is normally lost through the bottom of the conveyor and re-circulates it to the filling head where it is dosed with the product into the container. If a drier result is desired, the liquid can be siphoned off and discarded altogether.

The semi-automatic MPFMP-060 volumetric filler will also be on display during the trade show. On this model, product is placed into the pan and moved to the filling head by an operator. This filler comes with an incorporated spare parts rack to store change parts or removable components during cleaning. The unit is well suited to research and development groups or slower speed production lines.

multi fill logoWest Jordan, Utah, USA-headquartered Multi-Fill Inc. is recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer of volumetric filling systems for cooked pasta (long or short noodles), rice, cut fruits and vegetables, shredded meats, seafood pieces, gourmet pet foods and deli-type salads. Its equipment is known for being reliable, versatile, easy to clean, compact, cost effective, low maintenance, and long lasting. For more information, send an e-mail to, or visit