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New and Known Poultry Products from Seara Well Received at Anuga

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Seara, a JBS Foods brand and leading Brazilian supplier to the global poultry market for over 60 years,  promoted an extensive and diverse range of frozen products at its busy stand during the October 7-11 Anuga trade fair in Cologne, Germany. Among the company’s latest offerings are a range of karaage chicken, southern fried popcorn chicken, and chicken dippers and wings which come in plain roasted, hot and spicy, and BBQ flavors.

“Our newly launched product line is completely free of artificial ingredients, additives and palm oil. The fully cooked range is an exciting expansion as it minimizes preparation time, providing an accessible and convenient solution that meets the evolving needs of our customers,” said Marcelli Ganzarolli of Seara Meats Europe.

She added: “Our customers can choose from delicious, versatile and reliable products that stand out in the market. This assures that their customers can savor premium chicken without forfeiting easy storage, extended shelf life and consistent quality.”

Headquartered in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Seara controls the entire production chain, ensuring adherence to international quality standards and products that are consistently high in quality and taste. Each offering in the brand’s catalog of value-for-money options undergoes rigorous QC measures.

“We enjoyed connecting with industry peers, wholesalers, retailers and foodservice operators at Anuga to show our commitment to excellence and explore collaborative opportunities,” said Ganzarolli.

The company has grown year on year, and today ranks as one of the largest chicken producers in Brazil and the world. With more than 60 production plants, over 60,000 employees and nine offices across the globe, it exports products to over 150 countries. The Seara Meats Europe headquarters is in Amstelveen, the Netherlands, while the Seara Meats UK office is in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England.