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Tesco Adds Five More Selections to Growing Plant Chef Range in Britain

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Meatless No-Chicken Breasts featuring seasoned rice, wheat and pea incredients, and Fish-Free Goujons made of rice and parsnip are now available under the Tesco Plant Chef private label line in the United Kingdom. The products are among five new frozen plant-based offerings rolled out at the retail chain’s stores during the “Veganuary” period when many non-vegetarians and flexitarians reduce consumption of meat.

Priced at £1.75 to £2.30 per pack, other SKUs in the plant-based recipe range include Fish-Free Cakes with Melt, Meat-Free No-Chicken Garlic Kievs, and Meat-Free Hot Dogs.

“Gone are the days when frozen food options consisted solely of frozen peas and carrots – there’s never been more choice or innovation in the sector,” said Tesco Executive Chef Jamie Robinson. “We’ve launched everything from frozen rice to avocado chunks and are now expanding our Tesco Plant Chef frozen food range so customers can easily find plant-based alternatives to their usual family favorites in the frozen aisle.”

He added: “Aside from frozen foods, the wider Plant Chef and Wicked Kitchen ranges available exclusively at Tesco ensure customers have access to a huge variety of plant based products and inspiration for new meals at great price points, so everyone’s can try something new this Veganuary.”

Veganuary is a UK non-profit organization that promotes veganism by encouraging people to follow a vegan lifestyle during the 31-day month of January. The campaign began in 2014 and has grown considerably since then, with over 620,000 people from 220 countries taking part worldwide in 2022.