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’Tis Not Too Early for Christmas Season Ice Cream Menu Planning

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With summer officially over in the Northern Hemisphere following autumn’s arrival on September 23, winter holiday menu planning is well underway. As restaurateurs and caterers are preparing for the hosting of Christmas parties or just simply adding a seasonal twist to menus, they know that upcoming celebrations would not be complete without special ice cream treats to eat.

 Whether served as an accompaniment, as a lighter dessert, an amuse-bouche or even palate cleanser between courses, New Forest Ice Cream’s Christmas selection has a full range of flavors to cater for every occasion and every course.

From rich Chocolate Orange Ice Cream, through to dairy-free options such as Chocolate Sorbet, as well as warming treats including Cinnamon or Mince Pie Ice Cream, the Lymington, Hampshire, England-based company has plenty of flavors to savor during the festive period. And for those looking to add dazzle and sophistication to a menu, celebratory Champagne Sorbet and Whisky & Orange Ice Cream are formulated to do just that. Each offering is made from a traditional family recipe and produced in a nut-free environment.

Here’s a brief description of the seasonal assortment:

Chocolate Sorbet (2ltr priced at £10.40) – Dairy-free diners won’t feel left out with Chocolate Sorbet on the menu. It provides all the self-indulgence of dark chocolate ice cream, but in a refreshingly light format.

Chocolate Orange (4.75fltr for £16.15) – This rich, creamy and smooth chocolate orange dairy ice cream base is interlaced with a vibrant ripple of zesty orange delight.

Mince Pie (4.75fltr priced at £16.15) Mince Pies signify the heart of Christmastime in Britain. The ice cream features a brandy base combined with pieces of shortcake pastry and mincemeat, giving that warming winter vibe coupled with the indulgent taste of double cream.

Cinnamon (4ltr for £13.95) – Cinnamon ice cream instantly packs a festive punch and is perfectly complementary to a host of winter warmers.

Whisky & Orange (4ltr costs £14.35) – A traditional dairy base with Islay single malt whisky and infused with citrus undertones from orange zest.

Champagne Sorbet (2ltr for £12.05) – A sweet yet sophisticated sorbet made with authentic Champagne.

Vanilla Pod (4ltr priced at £14.35) – A classic vanilla ice cream with Madagascan Vanilla pod seeds.